Buy with 0% monthly payments

“Buy with 0% montly payments”

Pay over time | No fees | 0% interest


The smarter alternative to charging your credit card, instead of using the revolving credit line where interest rates are 13%-19% or even higher. The service is free* and instant and is sponsored by this website.

*As long as you have available credit line

To be elegible you need the following

Visa or Mastercard credit cards (no debit cards)

Have the entire amount of your purchase available on your card

How it works

To ensure payment, the outstanding amount is held in reserve on your credit card. No charges apply to the held amount.

Example: £600 order in 3 instalments (£200 per month)

  • Instalments payments will be charged monthly to your credit card. The credit line hold will be reduced monthly by the same amount

  • The credit card bill will only show the montly payment

  • The remaining amount on hold will not show up as a debt, it may show up as 'pending'

  • A revolving credit interest charge may apply only if you  choose to the monthly payment